Agenda- Sept. 18

  1. Read 30 Minutes
  2. Meet the teacher tomorrow
  3. Fun Night tomorrow
  4. Cakes tomorrow
  5. Twoonies for Terry
  6. 11:25 Dismissal Friday
  7. Play new math game
  8. Unfinished Mapping page
  9. Book Order
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Agenda- Sept. 17, 2018

  • Read 30 Minutes
  • Math game
  • Forms
  • Spelling Test Friday
  • Meet the teacher Thursday 4:30-5:30
  • Fun Night Thursday 4:30-7:30
  • Terry Fox Run Friday
  • 11:25 Dismissal Friday
  • Monday Ship’s Log posted online
  • Classroom News Sept 17[1]
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Agenda – Sept. 14, 2018

  • Ship’s Log weekly news is online
  • Read 30 Minutes
  • Spelling due Friday
  • Play math game tonight
  • Forms
  • 11:25 Dismissal on Friday
  • Meet the teacher Thursday 4:30-5:30
  • Fun Fair 4:30-7:30
  • Classroom News Sept 17[1]
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Agenda – Sept. 14, 2018

  • Return forms
  • Fun night and meet the teacher Thursday 4:30-7:30
  • Read 30 minutes per day
  • Letter Log
  • Return signed spelling test
  • Play math game
  • Toonies for Terry
  • Terry Fox Run Friday
  • Half day Friday – dismissal 11:25
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Agenda – Sept. 13, 2018

  • Return Forms
  • Fun Night and meet the teacher next Thursday  4:30-7:30
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • Return spelling booklets tomorrow
  • Read 30 Minutes
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Agenda – Sept. 12, 2018

  1. Return Forms
  2. Ukulele Notice
  3. Spelling Test Friday
  4. Music Tomorrow
  5. Play math game
  6. Read 25 minutes
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Agenda – Sept. 11, 2018

  1. Ukulele order
  2. Return forms
  3. Read 20 Minutes
  4. Spelling Test Friday
  5. Play math game
  6. KM Club tomorrow
  7. Bring inside shoes as soon as possible
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Agenda – Sept. 10

  • Return all forms
  • Ukulele Order
  • Class Newsletter
  • Spelling test Friday
  • PE tomorrow
  • All About Me Bag
  • Read 20 Minutes
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Spelling Words September 10 2018


Consonant Blends

Two-syllable words



  1. bridge
  2. gravity
  3. hungry
  4. eclipse
  5. secret
  6. applaud
  7. laundry
  8. trouble
  9. twilight
  10. between
  11. describe
  12. snowflake
  13. freedom
  14. glance
  15. burglar
  16. switch
  17. trouble
  18. attract
  19. hydrant
  20. marine
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Over the course of the school year students will have the opportunity to work with many different types of technology. Our goal this year is for students to explore many different applications of technology and tools. We will be using web based technology such as blogs, Twitter, Skype, Tinkercad, Scratch and others. In the classroom we will have the opportunity to work with tools such as iPads, computers, simple robots, as well as bread boards and electronic components. We will be using school and classroom technology to conduct research, share our learning, connect with others, solve problems and become makers and thinkers.

We will also be using a class blog to share important information, our daily agenda message,  as well as reflecting on our learning.  As students skills with technology develop they may be able to post on the blog, and share their learning with a wider community. We encourage parents to check our blog regularly to ensure that you have up to date information about what is happening in our classroom. Students may be able to share their writing, images of their work and other multi-media artifacts on our teacher moderated blog. Miss Younger will post the daily agenda as well as any notices or newsletters on the blog.

Forms for student technology use will be sent home to all families as part of the welcome back forms that your student brought home today. Students will need to return this form to be able to use any of our web based tools. If you have any questions about technology use in the classroom and how it will be integrated into our regular learning activities please contact Miss Younger as soon as possible.

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Agenda – Sept. 7, 2018

  • Office Forms
  • Letter Log
  • Miss Younger’s Forms
  • Ukulele Notice
  • Supply Fee
  • Read 20 Minutes
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Agenda – Sept. 6, 2018

  • Return forms
  • Supply Fee online
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Email Miss Younger a picture of your summer adventure
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Agenda – Wednesday September 5, 2018

  • Read 20 minutes
  • Return Forms
    • Miss Younger’s Parent Homework
    • Getting to Know Your Child
  • Notices
    • Welcome to Miss Younger’s Class
    • Ship’s Log 1
    • Remind
    • Growth Mindset
  • $7.00 for supplies in School Cash Online
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Week 1 Classroom News Letter

Please look in your student’s Mail Bag for our weekly newsletter. You can also find the link here.  Weekly Newsletters will go home on Mondays and will be posted to the blog Sunday evenings.

Week 1 Classroom News Letter

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our class blog. Our blog will be updated daily with the agenda message, as well as other classroom news. Please make sure you sync your favourite electronic calendar with our class one on the blog, to stay up to date on classroom and school events. Our blog will be a place for the class to celebrate their learning. Please check back regularly for updates on our successes, reflections on events and images of what we are learning.


This year our room has a nautical theme. Our class is like the ”crew” of a ship, lead by their teacher ( the captain), students are on course for new adventures and deeper learning. Like a ship’s crew, staff and students will work together and support each other as we move forward in our learning. Our first few weeks of the year will be spent building on the strengths of our crew as we get to know each other, by building strong connections early in the year we create opportunities for deeper learning.

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Homework in Miss Younger’s Class

Letter Log  (Monday)

On Fridays your student will write you a weekly letter, we ask that an adult in your home writes a letter back to your student each week. Letter Logs will be collected on Mondays. Please ensure that your student returns their book. The success criteria and parent directions can be found on the inside cover of your student’s Letter Log.

Math Facts ( Tuesday)

Each Tuesday your student will bring home a new math game. We ask that your student plays this game a few times over the week, with a parent or sibling  to reinforce computational fluency.  For many units students will also bring home a set of flash cards to practice key facts.

Paragraph of the Week ( Wednesday)

Beginning in October students will be brining home a weekly paragraph package. For some topics we will brainstorm ideas together. Each week’s package includes a topic page with success criteria, planning pages and space to write a draft and good copy. Students are responsible for handing in a completed paragraph each Wednesday, along with their rough draft and planning pages. Students are welcome to type their good copies if they choose.

Home Reading ( Thursday)

Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night and will be participating in a school wide home reading program. We ask that you encourage your child to read materials that they enjoy reading. The goal of home reading is to help students become passionate life long readers. Students can choose to read a novel, picture books, digital article or book, magazine, non-fiction book or news paper.  Home reading logs will be checked on Thursdays.

Spelling ( Friday)

Students will be bringing home spelling words each Monday. We will do a mid week check in on Wednesday and completed spelling work will be collected on Friday prior to the weekly spelling test.

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School Supplies

At the beginning of the school year I will be collecting the following supplies for storage. Glue sticks, pencils, erasers, sharpies, lined paper, tissues, highlighters and pens.  By collecting supplies and handing out when needed we are able to ensure that supplies make it through the whole school year.

Student supplies will be kept in their pencil case in the the student’s desk. Students extra supplies will be stored in designated bins. Please note that some supplies will be stored by the teacher.

In addition to the school supplies on your list students in Miss Younger’s class may wish to have:

  • 2 packages of graph paper ( for math)
  • 1 package of 5 paper divider tabs for binders

At various times through out the year students may be asked to bring in additional supplies..

In addition there is a $7.00  fee for the school supplied notebooks, duo-tangs and scrapbook. This fee can be paid through School Cash Online.

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Growth Mindset

Our class will be focusing on having a growth mindset this year. Students will be encouraged to develop their resiliency through daily discussions and morning work. We will be working through a different aspect of growth mindset each week.

For more then 30 years Dr. Carol Dweck has been studying growth mindset. The term growth mindset describes some ones base belief about learning and intelligence and can typically perceived in regards to how they handle failure or challenges. A student with a growth mindset believes that failure and challenges help them to get better or to learn, so they embrace the challenge and put in the greater time and effort to succeed.  It is this attitude that we are hoping to foster in students this year.  Students who see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow become stronger learners in the long run as they build on their skills and are able to reflect on the strategies they used to overcome previous challenges and use them to embrace new ones.

In our classroom the word “ fail” becomes an acronym for First, Attempt, In, Learning. Your student has not failed, they made a first try, learned from it and are ready to try again. This is also reflected in Miss Younger’s assessment strategies, where students are able to make changes and corrections to previously returned assignments up until the day report cards are due in the office.

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Classroom Routines

Our class room utilizes many routines to create  a consistent, predictable and peaceful  learning environment.  When students come in know what to expect each day they are better able to engage in classroom content and learning activities.  Some of our important classroom routines include:

  • Morning meeting
  • Morning warm up
  • Class jobs
  • Number corner
  • Closing Circle
  • Guided math
  • Literacy Groups

Many of our key routines in the day are times when we gather as a classroom community to talk and share our thoughts, feelings, observations, learning and successes. These times allow each student the chance to share each day across a variety of subjects. Our morning meeting and closing circle allow us time each day to focus on developing students social emotional skills as well as to discuss current events in our school and the world, plan for growth as a class, support one another and discuss the character trait we are currently focusing on. Many students find that these times are often their favourite parts of the day. With this in mind we ask that students arrive on time and prepared each morning so that they can participate in routines that set the tone for our day

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Classroom Expectations


Our grade 4 classroom has 5 key expectations that all students are asked to follow. They are:

1.Follow directions quickly

2.Raise your hands for permission to share

3.Raise your hand for permission to leave the room

4.Make good choices

5.Keep our dear learning community happy

Students are expected to attend school on time regularly and arrive prepared to learn. They are also expected to do their personal best each day.

Students are expected to follow the school and district Code’s of Conduct and Dress codes. Hats and hoods may not be worn unless for religious purposes.

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